Bridesmaids/Something Borrowed – Part 2: Something Borrowed

Usually, they are women. I often wonder if guys take a relationship hiatus after big breakups. Most of the guys in my circles seem to leap-frog from one relationship to another, while the women take extended breaks. Many older women who divorce tell me that they will never remarry. I know, I know…there are various debates about this exact issue. I had to dispel the myth that I was looking for Mr. Perfect the other day. I do believe in Mr. I also believe that sometimes I just need to sit home and be lonely, even if that means my night ends in tears. Sometimes having the wrong man in your life can prevent you from seeing who you are and realizing your dreams.


The work of the lead trio keeps the movie from ever becoming something blue. Watch this movie online http: I loved watching this movie i could watch it all day. People say that it was a bad movie but how many or you people could write a movie like that?

Rachel, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, admits to Dex, played by Colin Egglesfield, that she has had a crush on him since they were students in law school. Dex admits he had feelings for her, too. The.

After they survive this brush with death, Rachel goes home to count her blessings and finds a message on her answering machine from Dex saying that he hopes she comes to the Hamptons that weekend. Once there, absolutely nothing has changed. Darcy is still in the dark, Dex is still engaged, and Ethan is still an ass to Claire. But, we find out that Dex is afraid calling off the wedding will upset his mom! That automatically makes it okay that he called Rachel to the Hamptons just to make her watch him frolic on the beach with another woman.

Either that or he wanted to show off his awesome chest wax. Rachel is rightly upset, so when they all go to the apparently only bar, she pulls Dex aside and tells him that if he really cares about her he needs to end it with Darcy. Actually Rachel engages in a sexy-dance competition with Darcy that ends in Rachel pulling a groin muscle. Women are in constant competition for the best men.

If you get the best man, you win. Back in New York City, Dex sends Rachel flowers to apologize and then proposes that they spend the day together on the Fourth of July to figure things out. Then the day ends on a rooftop bed and… they have sex.

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Like all chick flick films I review however, leaning toward how much fun it would be for the ladies adds up in my final grade. If you like your comedy with a lot of sugar and spice, then ladies this film should be desert for you. She got there with the help of her college buddy Dex Colin Egglesfield who kept her focused on the job.

1) I was perusing (as I do approximately 12 times a day) and the headline read “’Something Borrowed’: Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin Play BFFs In Love With The Same Man.” 2) Every now and then this blog needs something light and frivolous.

So it is with Something Borrowed. To paraphrase one of its few laughs, it’s a zombie movie directed by Vera Wang. Luke Greenfield, in fact, directed this dull prenup romantic triangle. It stars Kate Hudson as Darcy, smug bride-to-be, and Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel, submissive maid of honor, who belatedly realizes, oops! This eternity of glossily art-directed indecision is based on the popular novel by Emily Giffin and comes perilously close to being an unofficial sequel to Bride Wars.

Like that film, also starring Hudson as an alpha kitten clawing at anything that comes between her and her ball of yarn, this one is less about the love between man and woman than about competitive girlfriending.

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The following is the official description of the film: But I was willing to give it a shot. I like Kate Hudson and John Krasinski and I figured if they were in it, it might be worth checking out. First of all, the premise is set up quite early in the movie. Rachel, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, admits to Dex, played by Colin Egglesfield, that she has had a crush on him since they were students in law school.

Dex admits he had feelings for her, too.

John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, and Colin Egglesfield in Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Something Borrowed’ 38 Something Borrowed: Ginnifer Goodwin, Colin Efflesfield.

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For those who haven’t seen episode 15 “The Queen is Dead,” you will hear some nice teasers about that episode.

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Reply Being BFFs means never having to say you’re sorry – although both women should apologize for this movie. Rachel Goodwin is a successful lawyer in Manhattan who is surprised on her 30th birthday by her best friend Darcy Hudson who throws her a big party. However after the party, she finds herself alone with Dex; they have a couple of drinks and wake up the next morning in the same bed. At first, much consternation and much guilt — how could we have done it? Then, realization — there must be something there.

Then, longing looks exchanged in secret as the VERY wealthy Dex rents a summer home in the Hamptons and the whole crew escape there each weekend.

May 06,  · Something Borrowed is an upcoming rom-com starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski. Based on the novel of the same name by Emily Griffin. The film is set to open in theaters on May 6th,

Something Borrowed centers on a love triangle conjured in Hell. It is this negative aspect that gives the audience pause. These two are destined to be miserable for the rest of their lives. Yet, at the same time, complain about it. I felt his frustration throughout this entire film and if this were a drama in which lessons were learned at the end or if there were actually some moral to the story being told I could understand this tactic. Looking into my crystal ball this is what I can see happening with Something Borrowed.

It will be dismissed by the majority of critics. This I can understand and, actually, I like to think I connect with more of those films than most men are given credit for. However, when a film like Something Borrowed throws women under the bus, presents characters that are not only dumb, but just plain mean and then it is defended as a chick flick, that borders on self-hating. You have a choice. Watch a movie at home and wait for one that respects you as much as you deserve.

Something Borrowed is being offered to female audiences as the alternative to Thor during its opening weekend.

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Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin from She’s Just Not That Into You — is it just me or has she lost a lot of weight?) is a thirty-year old single woman who is a quiet sidekick to her wild best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson), and is secretly in love with said friend’s fiance Dex (Colin Egglesfield), who was once her potential suitor and may have.

May 25, 12 Comments Both of these films have the least sympathetic protagonists in years. In Bridesmaids, it was Annie. Something Borrowed goes something like this: Once again, I wonder about the logic of these characters. Like a month before the wedding. In any normal situation, no one would sympathize with Rachel.

Just imagine this exchange on the street with two old friends: She slept with the groom a month before the wedding. Old Friend 1 looks at 2 with a questioning glance.

Bridesmaids/Something Borrowed – Part 2: Something Borrowed

Reviewed by Robert W. This film seems to be receiving a host of really bad vibes from people. I, for one, am quite surprised. Yes the film is heavy on infidelity, broken friendships, lying, cheating, and everything else but isn’t that life?

Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) met the love of her life in law school. And then proceeded to hand him on a platter to her best friend Darcy (Ms. Hudson). And then proceeded to hand him on a platter to her best friend Darcy (Ms. Hudson).

I have this feeling often. If I had to describe the sensation, it might be like trying to hold a lit firecracker in the palm of your hands — squeezing tightly so no smoke, sparks or explosive elements could get out. I know that I am incredibly blessed to be in place where I have access to my passion. I know I felt this all the time when I was on set working on the independent film No Boundaries.

Making the shift from being impoverished to a financially self-sufficient artist. I do believe in the words of many spiritual teachers like, Dr. Dyer, who speak of living in an abundant universe.

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In fact, about half the film is exactly that. The other half is a little smarter and more perceptive. Both halves coexist together. Consequently, the movie is neither as dumb as you might think, nor as smart as it could be. Goodwin plays Rachel, a sweet-natured, ambitious single woman in her 30s who has always been overshadowed by her best friend, the blonde, sexy, outgoing Darcy Hudson. After a rare night of heavy drinking, Rachel sleeps with Darcy’s fiancee Dex Colin Egglesfield , on whom she’s had a crush ever since they attended law school together.

Impressions; Soon to be made into a movie with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin, to be released in , I can’t wait to see this brought to life on the big screen. I’ve been keeping an eye on the casting for the last several months, and am fairly pleased with how they rounded it out.

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I loved traveling through Mississippi and eating soul food and watching and listening and learning. Colleen Did you guys hear the collective sigh of relief from the rest of the world when Obama claimed victory?

Bridesmaids/Something Borrowed – Part 2: Something Borrowed

He is torn between two lovers, but handles both with natural charm. Egglesfield has carved out a career through hard work and perseverance. After going through the pre-med program at the University of Iowa, he turned to modeling to earn money for medical school, and ended up doing it full time. Colin Egglesfield was in Chicago last Friday, on the day of his big debut.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who play Snow White and Charming, respectively, on “Once Upon a Time,” married on Saturday, April 12, They became engaged last October, when Dallas, 32, .

In her new movie Something Borrowed, based on the best-selling novel by Emily Griffin, Hudson plays Darcy, who is engaged to Dex Colin Egglesfield , whom her best friend, Rachel Ginnifer Goodwin has had a crush on since they met at law school. I know what it feels like, I remember the sensation. Darcy is the one that audiences is supposed to dislike, was that a challenge for you?

For me I was really looking at this as where she goes in the second movie, if we get to do Something Blue. You need to see how selfish this person is. In the book, Darcy is way nastier than she is in the movie, and it would have made it too easy for them to be having the affair. Darcy loves her girlfriend and she always wants her around. So for me it was fun to play that kind of character, some of the things I got to say and adlib were a blast.

Have you ever known anyone like Darcy?

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